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Bug#772162: debian-edu-install: preseed dovecot-core to enable ssl certificate creation.

Package: debian-edu-install
Version: 1.718
Severity: important
Tags: patch pending

As of dovecot-core version 1:2.2.13-8 SSL certificates are no longer 
created by default. A preseed entry should be added to enable it.

The fix has been committed to git.

Please note: While testing the fix I noticed that dovecot-core postinst 
doesn't seem to respect
'dovecot-core dovecot-core/create-ssl-cert boolean true'
(default is 'dovecot-core dovecot-core/create-ssl-cert boolean false').
Actually, the ssl creation code seems to be missing in postinst.
I'll file a bug against dovecot-core.

diff --git a/preseed-values/defaults.main-server b/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
index db341a8..4e898fa 100644
--- a/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
+++ b/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ user-setup-udeb passwd/make-user boolean true
 # Create the dovecot ssl certificate with 'postoffice' as server name.
 dovecot-core dovecot-core/ssl-cert-name string postoffice.intern
+dovecot-core dovecot-core/create-ssl-cert boolean true
 # Initial exim4 configuration for the main server
 # FIXME Complete this and make sure our LDAP and maildir in


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