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Bug#772160: debian-edu-install: slbackup is preseeded with outdated entry in location string.

Package: debian-edu-install
Version: 1.718
Severity: normal
Tags: patch pending

Default backup locations for slbackup are shipped via preseeding.

There's an outdated location entry (/root/.svk) for both main-server and 
thin-client-server profiles which should be dropped to not 
confuse users with a non-existent location.

The fix has been committed to git.

diff --git a/preseed-values/defaults.main-server b/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
index ec2fdb1..db341a8 100644
--- a/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
+++ b/preseed-values/defaults.main-server
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ slbackup slbackup/server_user string root
 slbackup slbackup/client_name string tjener
 slbackup slbackup/client_type select local
 slbackup slbackup/client_address string tjener
-slbackup slbackup/client_location string /etc /root/.svk /skole/tjener/home0 /var/backups
+slbackup slbackup/client_location string /etc /skole/tjener/home0 /var/backups
 slbackup slbackup/client_user string root
 slbackup slbackup/client_keep string 185
diff --git a/preseed-values/defaults.thin-client-server b/preseed-values/defaults.thin-client-server
index f4b2503..57ee0b9 100644
--- a/preseed-values/defaults.thin-client-server
+++ b/preseed-values/defaults.thin-client-server
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ dhcp3-server dhcp3-server/new_auth_behavior boolean false
 # for slbackup (shall just be needed/used when installing a combined
 # main-server+thin-client-server)
-slbackup slbackup/client_location string /etc /root/.svk /skole/tjener/home0 /opt/ltsp/i386/etc /var/backups
+slbackup slbackup/client_location string /etc /skole/tjener/home0 /opt/ltsp/i386/etc /var/backups
 # Set up atftpd to serve the kernels
 atftpd atftpd/multicast boolean false


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