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Re: Bug#758116: Please be verbose whether you would like to get your Blend promoted by tasksel

Hi Jonas, hi all,

On  Do 28 Aug 2014 18:39:34 CEST, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

...another more descriptive, I believe, answer could be "You don't
really have a Debian Edu system when installing it on a Debian system".

I believe that second elaborated view is the reason for Mike's question.

To me it is far from "perfectly sense" to offer "Debian Edu" in
debian-installer to get some "educational software" - I would expect to
get a Debian Edu system.

 - Jonas

That's what I was aiming at! Jonas, thanks for reading inbetween my lines and verbalizing the unsaid.


We are currently testing deployment of Debian Edu systems by installing vanilla Debian and then pulling in required packages on post-installation. The results will come in by the end of next week (once I have time for looking at finalizing those installations).

There are packages in debian-edu SVN [1] ("educlient", "eduroaming") that have some post-installation logic turning a Debian system into a Skolelinux / Debian Edu system, as well. I will probably take a look at those, as well, during our test cycle. Originally, they were designed to turn Ubuntu systems into Debian Edu client machines AFAIR. So let's see.

But still, I guess it is pointless offering a Debian Edu blend in D-I if the result after installation won't be a proper Debian Edu workstation.



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