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Auto-generate debian/changelog from Git commit history

Hi all,

I would like to suggest some Git specific handlings in our development workflow now that we have migrated most D-E projects to Git:

 1. Make sure you always do "git pull --rebase". This will
    keep the commit history in order, even if we pull
    from origin while we already have local commits in our
    local working copy.

    The --rebase option can be put into ~/.gitconfig [1]

 2. Let's drop the habit of accompanying an entry to debian/changelog
    with each Git commit. This makes rebasing very hard (because every
    rebase step will very likely let pop up a conflict in debian/changelog).

 3. Let's use Git history to compose our later debian/changelog stanza

    With such an approach the debian/changelog file gets created just before
    the upload to unstable (the tool "git dch --auto" will be the uploader's

With such an approach (auto-generate debian/changelog just before upload) we ease our daily work with Git. Tasks like branching off, merging in branches, rebasing, non-merge pulls, etc. become much smoother.

Comments? Input?


[1] ~/.gitconfig, add these lines to switch on rebasing on git pull by default

        rebase = true


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