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Bug#740151: debian-edu-install: Traditional Chinese interface shows garbage character

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> We need to figure out exactly which character(s) is missing, and
> update the installer to include them in its font.

I had a look at the image and the debian/po/zh_TW.po, which I believe is
the translation file in question, and suspect the problem might be gone
when the translation was updated some time in the past.  Please let us
know if you still see the problem.

The problematic translation seem to be 'Workstation', which I suspect is
translated to:


Another line in zh_TW.po look like this:

  msgstr "Debian Edu 工作站(Workstation)"

Looking at the history, I find this one:

  msgstr "漫遊工作站(Workstation)"

It look fairly similar to the failing string in the
<URL: http://www.goodhorse.idv.tw/files/skolelinux.jpg > image.  In that
case, I suspect '漫' (aka the byte stream 0xE6 0xBC 0xAB in UTF-8) is
the problematic character.  It is still used in the translation file,
but I do not know if it is included in the d-i font now.  I'm unable to
navigate through the installation my self in Tranditional Chinese, so I
need someone that understand the language to verify if the problem exist
or not.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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