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Re: Jessie installation broken - systemd migration and partman

Hi Petter,

On Mon, Aug 04, 2014 at 11:16:02AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Klaus Knopper]
> > Hi Petter,
> Hi.
> > I'm afraid that the installation failing is just the beginning of
> > problems, or rather, much work to do. systemd replaces quite a few
> > services, interferes with acpid, consolekit, hal (if you still use
> > that), automount. Even if you got a working installation and press a
> > hotkey like poweroff, or close the lid of your notebook, you are up to
> > some surprises, not even talking about all of your init scripts not
> > working anymore.
> Thanks for the warning.  Me too expect us to discover lots of problem
> after this migration, and am eager to get started on them. :)

I'm eager to discover all the cool new and shiny things in systemd some
day, but just for the moment, I really needed a working system... Enough
bashing for today. :-)

> > There is a solution for the systemd dependency issue in Knoppix 7.4
> > that (as usual) nobody from the Debian maintainer team will like, by
> > adding a sysvinit package that provides systemd-sysv, so you can, for
> > now, keep your sysvinit-based boot setup while the other packages,
> > that now rely on systemd-logins session management like
> > network-manager, libpam-systemd etc., and which would otherwise kill
> > sysvinit-core, are still working.  I know it's a bad hack and I should
> > do a proper migration some day, yet I still prefer my homebrewn
> > startup system over the last and current standard in Debian and try to
> > keep it working, still being upgradable.
> If I understand correctly, this will not work proberly with Gnome, or
> any services expecting the features of systemd > 204, so I doubt it is a
> good way forward for us.

You misunderstood, or I was unclear. My hack, even if it merely changes
a dependency entry in the sysvinit package, keeps all systemd packages
EXCEPT systemd-sysv installed and working with gnome & others.

network-manager-gnome, for example, relies on systemd-logind and will
refuse to let the console-logged-in user configure the network, if
systemd-logind is not running, so I just run systemd-logind from

Just my boot and shutdown process and runlevel management stays with
traditional sysvinit (which is all that sysvinit did, anyways)

As far as I can tell after a weeks testing, everything in Gnome still
behaves normal. I had to change the systemd configuration in order not
to do duplicates of acpids event handlers or mess with power management,
but that is unrelated to sysvinit.

> But we will see when we are able to boot an installed system. :)

First! ;-)


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