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Re: debian-edu-archive-keyring_2014.02.27_amd64.changes REJECTED

HI Holger,

On  Mi 26 Mär 2014 16:00:52 CET, DAK System user wrote:

These changes bring no useful additions whatsoever to wheezy, thus rejecting.

You may have simply missed this post.(?):


The debian-edu-archive-keyring package was a test upload to verify that the previously broken Edu DAK was up-and-running again and that it was capable again of processing uploads again.

(To repeat what I've said on IRC: given the importance of the package I would have *much* prefered to be contacted before uploading this.

I tried to contact you on IRC and you later turned out to be down under on VAC with loads of offline periods. I checked the debian-private list, as well, and there was no VAC announcement.

So, I shrugged and proceeded with my work.

Not doing so showed non-understanding of this importance to me, which

Whatever your interpretation may be at this point...

a.) made me believe you are not ready to maintain it and b.) thus decreased my enthusiam looking at the changes. (Plus I was too busy) and plus apologies for the delay anyway.

Please remove me from Uploaders: then again.

I'm firmly convinced we should get rid of our own archive for jessie, not even use it for developing. The Debian model of unstable and testing works well for that much bigger project and the development of Debian Edu is - by far - not as vibrant as it used to be anymore, so as running and maintaining our own archive has costs, which I would rather like to invest in our software, Debian Edu, and not in a pointless piece of infrastucture which exists elsewhere too and better maintained.

Sorry, I disagree here completely. As Debian Edu builds on Debian, we need to be able to react on changes in Debian stable immediately (and not 2 months later with the next point release).

Also we build on Debian stable, so basically, we depend on the final state of Debian stable, thus we probably need more time to release then the vanilla Debian distribution.

It might be interesting switching to a PPA once those get available, but for Debian Edu development I disagree with hooking into the testing/unstable workflow of native Debian.

Rather unamused about tone and content of the post this mail is an answer to...


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