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debian-edu-archive-keyring_2014.02.27_amd64.changes REJECTED


These changes bring no useful additions whatsoever to wheezy, thus rejecting.

(To repeat what I've said on IRC: given the importance of the package I would have *much* prefered to be contacted before uploading this. Not doing so showed non-understanding of this importance to me, which a.) made me believe you are not ready to maintain it and b.) thus decreased my enthusiam looking at the changes. (Plus I was too busy) and plus apologies for the delay anyway.

I'm firmly convinced we should get rid of our own archive for jessie, not even use it for developing. The Debian model of unstable and testing works well for that much bigger project and the development of Debian Edu is - by far - not as vibrant as it used to be anymore, so as running and maintaining our own archive has costs, which I would rather like to invest in our software, Debian Edu, and not in a pointless piece of infrastucture which exists elsewhere too and better maintained.



If you don't understand why your files were rejected, or if the
override file requires editing, reply to this email.

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