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Bug#742100: Manually partitioning would make some folders inaccessible

Package: debian-edu-install
severity: normal
version: wheezy

When installing debian-edu 7.1 (wheezy), if I let the installer automatically partition my hard drive, it will work well.
However, when I chose to manually partition myself, it would make the permission of /skole/backup, sometimes the whole /skole become very strange:

d-w-r-xr-T 2 root root  4096  Mar 19 15:16 backup

If it happened in /skole it would be impossible to log into X desktop since it would not be able to write some files.

I have tried several times.  Automatically partitioning was *always* okay.  Manually partitioning would *always* make /skole/backup folders inaccessible, *mostly* /skole inaccessible, but the last time I tried /skole was correct.

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