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Bug#741296: education-common: uninstallable in jessie because it pull in conflicting cups-filters and foomatic-filters

Package: education-common
Version: 1.714
Severity: critical
Tags: patch

When trying to install Debian Edu in Jessie, the installation fail
because cups and hplip are "uninstallable".  I tested a minial profile
installation.  I tracked the cause down to be that cups-filters and
foomatic-filters conflict with each other and can't be installed
together, while the education-common task want to install both.

I asked the printing team, and Didier 'OdyX' Raboud replied that
cups-filters have replaced foomatic-filters and the latter should be
removed from any task that want to install CUPS as a printer system.
See <URL:[🔎] 2fl8uslt8bg.fsf@diskless.uio.no">https://lists.debian.org/[🔎] 2fl8uslt8bg.fsf@diskless.uio.no > and
<URL:[🔎] 2402909.EEP9z5BeC1@gyllingar">https://lists.debian.org/[🔎] 2402909.EEP9z5BeC1@gyllingar > for the

I believe this patch will solve the problem, but is a bit unsure about
the version number to use for foomatic-filters to ensure that the
package keep working in Wheezy also if there is a security patch for the

  * tasks/common: List cups-filters (>= 1.0.42-1) as an alternative for the
    foomatic-filters package, to install the former in jessie as the latter
    is obsolete there.
Index: tasks/common
--- tasks/common        (revision 83045)
+++ tasks/common        (working copy)
@@ -290,7 +290,8 @@
 NeedConfig:  Yes
 Depends:     cups, foomatic-db, foomatic-db-engine, foomatic-db-gutenprint, \
-             foomatic-filters | cupsomatic-ppd, printer-driver-pnm2ppa, \
+             cups-filters (>= 1.0.42-1) | foomatic-filters (<= 4.0.17-1) | cupsomatic-ppd, \
+             printer-driver-pnm2ppa, \
              printer-driver-hpijs, hpijs-ppds, hplip, ijsgutenprint
 Suggests:    foo2zjs
 Ignore:      escputil

Perhaps better to drop the versioned depend for foomatic-filters?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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