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Re: Should cups and foomatic-filters conflict with each other?

Le samedi, 8 mars 2014, 09.15:31 Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
> I discovered a serious problem when testing Debian Edu based on
> jessie. The installation of Debian Edu based on testing fail because
> the tasks are uninstallable.  I investigated, and the cause seem to
> be that foomatic-filters and cups is not installable together.
> Is this intentional, or should they be co-installable?  Is the
> foomatic-filters package obsolete?  I notice from
> <URL: http://packages.qa.debian.org/f/foomatic-filters.html > that the
> last upload was in 2012, which made me suspect that the package is no
> longer active maintained.
> Cc to debian-edu@, to let all developers know about the problem.

As Till pointed out on the -printing mailing list, foomatic-filters is 
functionally replaced by cups-filters for a CUPS-based printing setup, 
it should be removed from tasks that want to pull CUPS as printer 

As for the maintenance, foomatic-filters is on the Debian Printing Team 
radar but wanders in the limbo between "as-is", "should be orphaned" and 
"should be fully removed".


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