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Re: Debian-EzGo and Debian-Edu (Was: Blends-commit post from fweng-guest@users.alioth.debian.org requires approval)

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 05:30:35PM +0800, Franklin Weng wrote:
> > Did you contacted Debian Edu people *on their list*?  I'm reading also
> > the Debian Edu - may be I simply overlooked this.
> Now mainly on IRC channel.  Thanks to Mike and Petter, they helped me a lot
> on IRC.

Ahhh - so it is only me (beeing IRC-illiterate) ;-)
> They are what I'm planning to do too.  Right now I'm still reading
> documents and look at itzks-system code to learn how to create debian
> packages, and maybe the most important part, how to install them without
> breaking a pure debian system, which I almost have no any idea.

If only the Debian Edu people would start with one copy-n-paste from

   Debian Med policy

   Debian GIS policy

The first was at some point derived from Debian Perl team policy and the
latter used large parts of the Debian Med policy but was overworked
later so might deal with some outdated stuff better.  I guess both
documents are great resources for newcomers and you can (hopefully!)
substitute s/Debian GIS/Debian Edu/ to know what you need to know.  For
sure it would be better id Debian Edu people would create such a
document (hint, hint, nag, nag).
> I also need to learn the "Debian way" for being a debian developer.  I read
> some documents but still don't have enough ideas about the "Debian way".

I'm teaching "the Debian way" in "Mentoring of the Month"


in the Debian Med team and think that it would be good if other teams
could adopt this.  Unfortunately I do not scale to do this properly
in more than 1.5 teams (the additional 0.5 might be in Debian GIS).
> BTW, I'm also looking at debian-lan, though that part I was still stuck
> with installing failure.

Andreas Mundt is reading this list ... if he does not answer you might
like to ping him.

Kind regards



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