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Why is the minimal profile suddenly so big?

Hi.  I installed the Minimal profile for Wheezy the other day, and the
partitions created were way to small.  Now /usr/ need 2.4 GiB of
space, while earlier it was less than 512 MiB.  I had time to
investigate what is going on, and discovered what I believe is the
cause: gosa-desktop.

I had a look at the output from dpkg -l, and discovered a few packages
that should not be installed in a minimal installation, like
kde-runtime, kfind and vlc.  This is the explonation from aptitude
about these package:

% aptitude why vlc
i   gosa-desktop       Depends    konqueror | iceweasel | mozilla | firefox
i A konqueror          Depends    kde-runtime                              
i A kde-runtime        Depends    phonon                                   
i A phonon             Depends    phonon-backend-vlc | phonon-backend      
i A phonon-backend-vlc Recommends vlc                                      

root@dugnadsnett:~# aptitude why kfind
i   gosa-desktop Depends    konqueror | iceweasel | mozilla | firefox
i A konqueror    Recommends kfind                                    

We install gosa-desktop in the minimal profile, which pull in
konqueror, which pull in kde and vlc.

I guess gosa-desktop should be moved from the networked task into a
new networked the desktop tasks, to avoid it, but wonder if there are
other solutions out there that do not require a new task.  We could
move and duplicate its entry in the roaming-workstation and
workstation tasks instead of creating a new task they both pull in.
What should we do to reduce the disk footprint of the minimal profile?

As a short term workaround I've increased the partition sizes in
debian-edu-install (uploaded to wheezy-test and unstable), to get the
installation working again.  It would fail with the old partition

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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