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Bug#726492: debian-edu: Task files are specifying a lot of not existing / renamed packages


On Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Yes, there is a way.  Inspecting the log I've posted.  Could you please
> have a real look at the list?

Could you provide examples from that list, please? You already parsed it it 

> Moreover:  Future packages should get some additional information inside
> the tasks file - you might really want to reread the docs[2]. 

Frankly: if debian-blends only gives me work more work regularily, why should 
I use it at all? As I see it we want to maintain a few metapackages with it, 
keeping up with some meta framework just to achieve this, seems a bit 
cumbersome... (eg also that the debian-edu package requires a special buld 
procedure is not nice for new Debian Edu developers.)


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