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Bug#726492: debian-edu: Task files are specifying a lot of not existing / renamed packages

Hi Andreas,

(are you still subscribed to the edu list?)

On Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> The approach remains valid - but this is *not* the problem in your tasks
> files at all.  You did not updated your tasks files with not *yet*
> available packages - you are just keeping cruft.

Thats my point: if we collect not yet packaged packages there, there is no way 
to distinguish those from cruft. And a wiki seems better for keeping such a 
list anyway, so I'm all for your cleanup plan.

One minor problem though: I'd prefer to do all jessie related work in git now, 
and keep svn exclusivly for wheezy+squeeze support (unless where we already 
use git), thus migrating the debian-edu git package is somewhat a blocker for 
fixing this bug. Else I say: please go ahead, remove all the cruft! :-)


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