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Re: Bug#725311: pu: Getting Debian Edu 7.1+edu0 into the Upcoming stable point release (7.2)

On Sat, 2013-10-05 at 23:46 +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> So that leaves three packages: debian-edu, debian-edu-config and slbackup.
> Am I right to assume you'd be happy if we'd upload debian-edu with the chmsee 
> recommends removed and slbackup with that NACKed change removed? (And you 
> continue pondering what to do with debiane-edu-config? ;)

Uploading slbackup with the change removed would be fine; thanks.

debian-edu itself is a little more complicated, as the new version adds
a dependency on the new package from debian-edu-config, so we'd have to
take the new versions together (or neither). I'd still like to have more
team discussion around the new package, but it seems like the relevant
people aren't around this weekend. :-( We may have to consider looking
at -edu{,-config} for 7.3.

What could be useful in the short term is an upload of the debian-edu
version currently in wheezy (1.702) just dropping the chmsee recommends.



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