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Installation statistics after the Wheezy release

Using Munin, we track the number of network installations (connections
to the ftp.skolelinux.org server) every day.  The graphs are available
from <URL: http://maintainer.skolelinux.no/munin/skolelinux.no/administrator.skolelinux.no/edu_installs.html >,
and there we can se around  These installation stats:

  2013-09-25 ~24
  2013-09-26 ~17
  2013-09-27 ~10
  2013-09-28 ~12
  2013-09-29  70
  2013-09-30  92
  2013-10-01 124
  2013-10-02  57
  2013-10-03 >70

The ones installing with the USB stick image without Internet
connectivity is (of course) not counted here.

The number of Wheezy installations as reported by
<URL: http://popcon.skolelinux.org/ > is currently 136.  Surprisingly
to me, the increase is in the number of i386 installations, not amd64


Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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