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Re: upgrade to 7.1 and migrating users

[Mike Gabriel]
> Hi Petter,

Hi. :)

> Wouldn't it make more sense looking at the ldap bootstrap files and
> checking on the running LDAP server if those ldifs can be applied
> cleanly?

Well, perhaps.  I decided to work on ldif files to make it easier to
debug, as it would only dry-run until I was happy with the result, and
to be able to run it independent of the existence of LDAP servers (I
do not have an LDAP server on my laptop where I developed this).

When it works, it should not be too hard to rewrite it to talk
directly to the wheezy LDAP server.

Perhaps you can help?  I have not had time to look at it for quite a
while, and really should upgrade my debian edu squeze home server. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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