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New educational software in Debian: PLM

[Please CC me as I'm not on this list]


as an upstream author and debian packager, I'd like to bring a new
piece of software to your attention. PLM (the Programmer's Learning
Machine) recently landed into Debian.

I think that some people on this list could be interested, and I
warmly welcome any feedback.

Thanks for your time, Mt.

Description-en: Programming exerciser in Java, Python, Scala and others
 The Programmer's Learning Machine (PLM) is a free cross-platform programming
 exerciser. It lets you explore various concepts of programming through
 over 160 interactive exercises, that you can solve in either Java,
 Python or Scala.
 The PLM interface and content is througfully translated to English
 and French; we hope that other translations will be contributed in
 the future.
 The following concepts are included in this package:
  - Welcome: teach basics of programming to absolute beginners
  - Maze: classical maze escaping algorithms for intermediate
  - Sort: classical sorting algorithms for intermediate. One
    introduction lesson presents the basics of the sorting algorithms
    while two additional lessons apply them in more recreative settings.
  - Recursion: classical logo algorithms for intermediate
  - Turtle Art: explore a few classical LOGO figures
  - LightBot: little programmer's brain teaser for intermediate and advanced
 Other lessons are planned to explore new concepts, such as the
 backtracking, dynamic programming, object-oriented programming or the
 standard libraries of python and Java. Other programming languages
 (such as Ruby or JavaScript) may be added in the future.


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