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Debian-edu Squeeze, wine no sound on workstations


We have some cd:s that the english teacher want to use for training students.
Its a small flashbased windows program that you can run in wine. Program it self works nicely, but I cant get wine to produce any sound output. This is not limited to this cd-rom. Wine does not seem to support sound. In fact when running winecfg and clicking on the sound tab, winecfg crashes. I have searched the web and found some ideas about why, but nothing Ive tried has worked this far.

Skolelinux is updated to latest, wine is 1.01 (strait from repos) and ltsp-chroot is for i386 architecture.

Someone that has tried (and possibly succeeded) in getting sound from wine in Skolelinux squeeze? We are mainly using net-booted workstations but also some thinclients.

Regards  /George

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