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Bug#709758: Replacing a binary package by another one(was: Communication issue?)

On 04/09/13 at 20:52 +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Mi, 04 Sep 2013, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > which other binary packages build by texlive-lang do you consider 
> > "pathological to use"?
> I considered the installation of one -lang package by itself without
> actual latex package pathological.

OK, let's try again:
- in wheezy, install texlive and texlive-lang-dutch
- dist-upgrade to sid: texlive-lang-dutch is removed, texlive-lang-european
  is not installed
That's wrong.

> > 	Holger, who considers just to build-depend on texlive-lang-all | and be 		
> > 		done with this
> Since TL2005 that is nearly 8 years ago we practiuically haven't change
> anything in the naming.
> And now that there are a few changes ... sudenly the world collapses.

It's not about world collapse. It's about doing upgrades without
removing functionality when it's possible, which is something we care
about in Debian AFAIK. Why should texlive be different?


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