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Re: Communication issue? (was: Consciously blocking packages and development)

Hi David,

On Di, 03 Sep 2013, David Prévot wrote:
> Absolutely not, a fixed d-e-d package will be uploaded in due time. In
> the mean time, if you’re in a hurry to see your package reach testing,
> feel free to provide back the binary packages you removed (via
> convenient dummy transitional packages) instead of breaking any third
> party due to their uncoordinated disappearance.

Umpf, uncoordinated disappearance. Might I remind you that
we are talking about build-deps, and that there is *no* rdepends
on texlive-lang-danish. Do you expect to add transitional packages
for *one* (I did not check, maybe 5?) package that needs t-l-d 
as build-depends?

I did not break any package, I just created FTBFS for *one* package,
a very common *very* common case here in Debian. (Uh, just recently
several of my packages started to FTBFS due to perl 5.18).

Yes, devs can take there time to consider it, but letting rot away
the bug without answer ...

Anyway, let us hope that your "in due time" will be at some
reasonable time.


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