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Re: Freeradius + Kerberos + Windows clients

On Tue, Sep 03, 2013 at 04:16:48PM +0200, Giorgio Pioda wrote:
> Unfortunately I still have several Win users. They should login
> with EAP-TTLS.
> I've read in several forums that there is no native support
> for EAP-TTLS in Win. Many forums suggest either to use
> SecureW2 supplicant (or others, like wpa_supplicant for win)
> or to set up the Kcrap daemon on the freeradius server.
> Well on Win 7, in the advanced options I've found the EAP-TTLS,
> but is not working. (I expected NOT to find it).
IIRC, this was still broken on win7; SecureW2 should work.  

You can download (and then adapt it, cause there's some German stuff 
inside) the last SecureW2 OSS version, somehow preconfigured for Debian 
Edu. (Win2000 and WinXP had to be treated somehow different, but I guess 
those are gone now.)


(This was configured for machines used by different people, so the last 
user should not show up upon a new login.

Good luck.


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