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I'm getting crazy about setting up freeradius for wifi login.

I've followed Wolfgang's tip in the german user group.

1) I've set the principal as radius/tjener.intern@INTERN
2) The keytab /etc/krb5.keytab.radius with user and group freerad 0600
   and added the key

3) Conf. according Wolfgang. Still I get strange errors
   in debug mode. Freeradius complains about missing REALM, but either
   using username or username@INTERN the result is the same error.

4) About the client setup (network manager). PEAP external is correct,
   or I have to choose TLS or other options?

EVEN MORE STRANGE: I tested this setup before summer
in a virtualized tjener. And it was working!
But copiing the old good conf files do not fix the problems.


Giorgio Pioda - Sysadmin SPSE-Tenero
Cell +41 79 629 20 63
Uff. +41 91 735 62 48

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