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Stuck during install process

Hello again.

Installing debian-edu-7.1+edu0~b1-CD.iso with Virtual Box on a laptop (running 
with Liniux MINT).

I get the impression that the install process is stucking while setting up 
The progress bar does not move and displays:
" Das System für Thin Clients wird eingerichtet .... "

This status takes a very long time and does not change. 
Yesterday it took many hours until I interrupted the installation. 
And today - new game, new luck - its more than one hour again that I can't see 
any change.
During this time, one of the CPUs is always/mostly running with 100%.

Any idea what could cause this behaviour?

With still sunny greetings

Em@il: enter at awidon.fi
Tel: (358) 044 3244010

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