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Re: can't log in on workstation

[Nigel Barker]
> this is from messages
> Aug 15 17:04:44 ws01 fetch-ldap-cert: Failed to fetch LDAP SSL certificate
> from dnsdomainname: Name or service not known tjener.intern.

This is most likely the fatal error.  The SSL certificate for the LDAP
server was not downloaded on first boot.  Some race condition causing
the LDAP certificate downloading to be tried before the network is
available?  You can redo this step manually when the machine is on the
net running '/etc/init.d/fetch-ldap-cert start' as root.

> Also there is no home0 in fstab or mtab. I don't know if that is
> relevant or not.

It is probably also caused by the missing certificate.

Perhaps we should try to fetch the certificate using a ifup/dhcp hook
instead of a init.d script?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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