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can't log in on workstation

Hi All

I freshly installed tjener from beta0 onto a single drive with auto partitioning, and added a teacher in gosa.
I installed a workstation via pxe
I added the workstation in gosa following the manual: sitesummary2ldapdhcp; rename (ws01.intern), assign ip( I chose, tick yes for dhcp and dns, add to workstations netgroup.

The workstation rebooted with correct name and ip, but I can't login, neither graphical or terminal.
 From what I can make out, there seems to be trouble connecting to ldap.

this is from syslog

Aug 15 17:05:05 ws01 nslcd[2703]: [495cff] <passwd="nb"> no available LDAP server found: Server is unavailable: No such file or directory
Aug 15 17:05:09 ws01 kdm: :0[3447]: getpwnam(nb) failed.

this is from messages

Aug 15 17:04:44 ws01 fetch-ldap-cert: Failed to fetch LDAP SSL certificate from dnsdomainname: Name or service not known tjener.intern.

Also there is no home0 in fstab or mtab. I don't  know if that is relevant or not.



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