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how to change homes and groups

Hello All,
Unfortunately I skipped squeeze, so this is my first experience with
gosa. Naively I thought it was going to be like webmin :) I'm having
trouble getting my head around how to change things.

Could someone give me a brief outline like this: 1 add department, 2.
create group..... and then I will try to figure it out and add to the
documentation. At the moment I'm struggling with the concepts and
getting a sinking feeling.

This is what I'm trying to achieve

student homes to be created in:

groups corresponding to each year, so student A will be a member of
the 2014group, and the students group.

The above will hopefully work from csv import. Then also:

samba access for every student to his own home

samba and linux access for all students to a shared folder

Hope someone can point me in the right direction!


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