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Re: beta0 USB iso image issues

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> (1) Installing with desktop=xfce fails, cause the iso doesn't contain
>     xfce4-terminal (dependency of xfce4-goodies, all other dependencies
>     seem to be contained).

Listed as a package to avoid in tasks/common.  Removed from there now,
should fix the problem in the next build.

> (2) Installing with desktop=lxde succeeds, but LTSP client start fails,
>     cause the iso contains tftp instead of tftp-hpa. (See bug #718727)

I notice you fixed this.  Package uploaded with the fix, at least for
amd64.  Will try to get a i386 package uploaded tomorrow.

> Seems to be that now so much GNOME packages are pulled in, that you
> end up with GNOME instead of LXDE as default xsession.

No idea why this happen, nor how to avoid it.  'aptitude why
gnome-session-bin' might explain something.

Vennlig hilsen
Petter Reinholdtsen

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