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Re: really blockers for (an edu0) release?


On Freitag, 19. Juli 2013, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > 1. KDE applications (at least konqueror and step) do not use the
> > proxy by default, and automatic proxy configuration do not work,
> > making these tools useless on a network where proxy use is
> > required. Looks like KDE do not understand our wpad.dat file?
> I suspect a fix for this require a major update of KDE.  Perhaps we
> can document the problem and come up with a wpad.dat file that KDE
> understand for those environments?
> No idea if it was like this also in Squeeze.  Is it a regression or
> not?

I would suspect that we have users who are forced to use a proxy. And I would 
also suspect they would have reported such failures by now... that said, maybe 
they all just switched to iceweasel for external sites...
> > 2. Chromium fail to work when it is set to use automatic proxy
> > configuration and no wpad.dat is found on a network where proxy use
> > is required, making it some times fail to work on standalone and
> > roaming workstations when the machines are moved outside the
> > backbone network.
> Also nasty.  Might be connected to the KDE problem, as Chromium fetch
> the proxy setup from KDE when logged into KDE.
> We did not include Chromium in Squeeze, so this isn't a regression.

so I've moved this to known problems. IME chromium uses the environment proxy.

> I also have seen very slow boot with LTSP and slow login with only one
> client.  This might be important to figure out and fix to make sure a
> complete class room can boot LTSP clients.  Anyone able to test how
> long it take to boot 30 LTSP clients?  I lack the test bench for that.

/me too. Mike?


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