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really blockers for (an edu0) release?


http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Wheezy lists these blockers for a 

1. KDE applications (at least konqueror and step) do not use the proxy by 
default, and automatic proxy configuration do not work, making these tools 
useless on a network where proxy use is required. Looks like KDE do not 
understand our wpad.dat file?

2. Chromium fail to work when it is set to use automatic proxy configuration 
and no wpad.dat is found on a network where proxy use is required, making it 
some times fail to work on standalone and roaming workstations when the 
machines are moved outside the backbone network.

3. Iceweasel do not update its default start page from LDAP at boot like it 
did in Squeeze. This make it impossible for the school admin to centrally set 
the default browser start page. 

IMO these are more than just "known problems" but rather "issues which should 
be fixed", but definitly not blockers for a release. 

Do you agree? Do we have any actual blockers? Except source dvd and, thats 


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