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Re: wheezy - postgresql pg_hba.conf

Hi Siegfried,


you are subscribed, right? So I can stop cc:ing you?!


On Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013, AWIDON wrote:

> > there is nothing special regarding postgresql and Debian Edu /

> > Skolelinux. In regards to postgresql Debian Edu / Skolelinux behaves

> > 100% like Debian and the shipped pg_hba.conf just works.

> Hm, ok.


to be clear, these packages differ from Debian Edu Wheezy to Debian wheezy:




-> there are only small differences, all the packages are in Debian proper and most of the changes are in sid+jessie. For jessie I really hope to release _within_ Debian. We'll see how this goes.

> > IOW: I think you need to describe your problem

> Problem was/is: Application(s) did not connect with database.


did you try to connect from localhost or another host?

> Now, as you said that "pg_hba.conf just works" I am searching for my

> mistake or misunderstanding.


:-) I'd recommend to search for a simple "postgresql on debian" howto.




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