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Re: wheezy - postgresql pg_hba.conf

Thank you for your fast reply!

> there is nothing special regarding postgresql and Debian Edu / Skolelinux.
> In regards to postgresql Debian Edu / Skolelinux behaves 100% like Debian
> and the shipped pg_hba.conf just works.

Hm, ok.
> my crystal ball is still in repair, 

> IOW: I think you need to describe your problem 

Problem was/is: Application(s) did not connect with database.

- installed postgresql
- gave user postgres a password
- created a Superuser with password
- opened phppgadmin and pgadmin to check if everything is fine 

then I was trying to get ledgerSMB and Tryton running.
Used apt-get install
Ran through the install/config steps and I had no success.

Now, as you said that "pg_hba.conf just works" I am searching for my mistake 
or misunderstanding.

> and not state that you have one.

I thought that it is related with some known entries in the system and I am 
just un-experienced with Skolelinux to know them.



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