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"pending" bugs against debian-edu-config


while preparing the debian-edu-config upload I just noticed that several bugs 
are marked "pending", while they are clearly not pending:

Pending Upload bugs -- Important bugs (3 bugs)
#629281 [i|P|  ] [debian-edu-config] update gosa netgroup plugin 
#665696 [i|PS|  ] [debian-edu-config] gosa-sync breaks on passwords containing 
#687256 [i|P|  ] [debian-edu-config] adding systems to a netgroup via the 
system's NIS netgroup tab kicks cascaded netgroups out of the netgroup 

Pending Upload bugs -- Normal bugs (1 bug)
#664976 [n|P|♙] [debian-edu-config] debian-edu-config: installer hang during 
debian-edu-profile run at the end 

Pending Upload bugs -- Minor bugs (1 bug)
#617371 [m|P|  ] [debian-edu-config] GDM configuration (for a reason) doesn't 
allow root logins 

Pending Upload bugs -- Wishlist items (3 bugs)
#613167 [w|P|  ] [debian-edu-config] kerberized nfs4 mounting 
#664790 [w|+P|  ] [debian-edu-config] [INTL:da] Danish translation of debian-
edu-config web 
#714645 [w|+P|  ] [debian-edu-config] [INTL:sv] Swedish strings for debian-
edu-config debconf

Those are eight bugs of which only one (714645) really is/was pending. Any 
ideas about the status of (any of) the others?


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