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Which ISOs should we publish for Wheezy?

I finally got all ISO building working.  And by dropping all suggested
packages from the USB stick ISO, the size was cut almost in half and
the source ISO got a lot smaller too.  Here are the iso sizes:

  i386/amd64 netinst CD     654 MiB
  i386/amd64 usbstick ISO   5.2 GiB
  source usbstick ISO       7.8 GiB
  i386 DVD                  4.2 GiB

I am not sure the i386 DVD can be used to install all profiles, as
Roaming Workstation profile seem to lack some packages, but it should
be usable to install a main+ltsp server to get started with PXE

So, what ISOs should we include in the release?  Only netinst CD?
DVDs?  Only netinst CD and usbstick ISOs?  Are DVDs still needed, or
can everyone use either usb stick or netinst CD?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsn

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