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Re: menu-xdg removal


On Montag, 17. Juni 2013, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> A consequence will of course be that some packages missing desktop
> files but with Debian menu files will disappear from the KDE menu.  A
> list of such packages can be generated like tihs:

Ah, good, I just manually checked and couldnt see any relevant application 
> I believe lmms and dia are false positives (menu and desktop files in
> different packages), and the only real gui applications left are
> planner, xdrawchem, xjig and xsok.  I'm not sure we will miss them.

right. I never heard of them except for planner. (which hasnt seen any 
develment in the last two years, contrary to the rest of gnome.)
> Thus, I am fine with dropping menu-xdg from the KDE setup.  But if we
> do, we might as well drop the packages planner, xdrawchem, xjib and
> xsok from our default installation.

drawchem is for drawing molecules. Not sure how many people do this in their 
life :) xjig and sok are just games.

I'd also remove them.


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