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menu-xdg removal


after reading this on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Wheezy

"KDE Debian submenu lacks icons (502192). The menu-xdg maintainer do not want 
to fix it. An alternative is to not install menu-xdg at all, removing the 
Debian submenu from KDE. "

and then reading #502192, and after that having looked at the menus of kde, 
gnome and xfce, I'm in favor of removing the menu-xdg package from desktop-

- its redudant (as everything relevant is in other menus)
- it reduces user-stress-due-to-too-many-choices
- its ugly (folder icons are missing) 
- and its not consistent as its only enabled in kde

As such I will now remove menu-xdg from desktop-kde. If some user really wants 
it, "apt-get install menu-xdg" is really easy - the average user will be happy 
that its gone as the menu system will become easier to understand and more 
similar accross different desktops.


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