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Re: Mass import - Real fix, I think

[Michael Banck]
> I took your patch and created an NMU (debdiff attached) and built some
> packages for wheezy if somebody wants to test them (I don't have a
> wheezy GOsa setup):
> deb http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/wheezy-gosa/ ./
> Let me know whether they work and I'll upload the NMU to unstable and
> see about getting it included in stable (though it's too late for r1 I
> guess).

Great work, and I had a look at the package you created.  As I said
earlier, I suspect the patch contain more than it should, and it have
some white space changes that are not needed.  So I took your patch
and reduced it to the bare minimum.  My new suggestion is attached,
but have not been tested yet.  I did not change the template text to
mention that a password is needed, as I am unsure if that is only the
case for Debian Edu with our Kerberos backend.

Please go ahead with the NMU. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen
Index: addons/ldapmanager/class_csvimport.inc
--- gosa/ldapmanager/addons/ldapmanager/class_csvimport.inc      (revisjon 21231)
+++ gosa/ldapmanager/addons/ldapmanager/class_csvimport.inc      (arbeidskopi)
@@ -175,17 +175,25 @@
             /* Set all submitted vars  */
-            if(is_array($keys))
+            if(is_array($keys)){
               foreach($keys as $key) {
                 if($key != "status"){
                   $this->usertab->$key = $dat[$key];
+                  foreach($this->usertab->by_object as $pname => $plugin){
+                    if(isset($this->usertab->by_object[$pname]->$key)){
+                      $this->usertab->by_object[$pname]->$key = $dat[$key];
+                    }
+                  }
+            }
             /* Initialize template */
-              $this->usertab->adapt_from_template($this->csvinfo['arrtempls'][$this->csvinfo['tplid']]['dn']);
-              $this->usertab->save_object();
+              $tpl_dn = $this->csvinfo['arrtempls'][$this->csvinfo['tplid']]['dn'];
+              $this->usertab->adapt_from_template($tpl_dn,array("uid","cn","givenName","sn"));
+              $tpl_base  = preg_replace("/^[^,]+,".preg_quote(get_people_ou(), '/i')."/", '', $tpl_dn);
+              $this->usertab->by_object['user']->base= $tpl_base;
             } else {
               /* Reset vars */
Index: addons/ldapmanager/contentcsv.tpl
--- gosa/ldapmanager/addons/ldapmanager/contentcsv.tpl   (revisjon 21231)
+++ gosa/ldapmanager/addons/ldapmanager/contentcsv.tpl   (arbeidskopi)
@@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
-<font color='red'>Temporary disabled</font>
   {t}The CSV import plug-in provides methods to generate user accounts from a file containing Comma Separated Values. The administrator can decide which columns should be transfered to which attribute. Note that you must have at least the UID, GIVENNAME and SURNAME set.{/t}
@@ -122,4 +120,3 @@
 <input type="hidden" name="ignore">

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