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Re: squeeze: please test urgent fix

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Looked up an old installation (as of March,6 2012): No passwords
> stored, line starting with Default: missing in all five cases; at
> install time d-e-c 1.445 seems to have been used (later updated to
> 1.455).

I'm starting to suspect that these Default: lines are wiped
automatically by debconf/dpkg when a package is upgraded and the
template in the package do not include them.  Perhaps all the code I
wrote to wipe the default values is completely useless, and the
password was in every squeeze version but disappeared the first time
we upgraded debian-edu-config after their installation?  It would
explain why your and mine Squeeze installation did not have the
passwords, while they are present just after installation.

> Adding such lines to templates.dat and templates.dat-old containing
> some fake passwords and then upgrading to d-e-c 1.456: wiped
> successfully.

Very good to hear. :)

Btw: I plan to announce Debian Edu Wheezy alpha2 tonight.  Please
  update the release notes if something is wrong/missing.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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