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Re: Mass import - Real fix, I think

Hi Michael, hi Petter, hi all,

On Sa 08 Jun 2013 19:19:20 CEST Michael Banck wrote:

tags 698840 +patch


On Thu, Jun 06, 2013 at 09:57:43PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,
> comparing the squeeze and the wheezy versions of class_csvimport.inc
> I've found some inconsistency of the latter version between line 177
> and line 199 (missing brackets and maybe also some missing arguments
> for a function).
> I backported two little pieces of code from squeeze and the
> mass import is now working on gosa 2.7 basis
> Here the modified file:
> http://dati.spse.ch/~gfwp/class_csvimport.inc

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Seems to work, too. No tweaking of contentcsv.tpl needed any more.

Very good.  This seem to be the change, as reported by using
"svn diff -x --ignore-all-space" after checking out
<URL: https://oss.gonicus.de/repositories/gosa/trunk/gosa-plugins/ldapmanager >
using svn.

CC to the BTS report.

I took your patch and created an NMU (debdiff attached) and built some
packages for wheezy if somebody wants to test them (I don't have a
wheezy GOsa setup):

deb http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/wheezy-gosa/ ./

Let me know whether they work and I'll upload the NMU to unstable and
see about getting it included in stable (though it's too late for r1 I

Please note that the Debian Edu Packaging Team will become the new maintainer of GOsa² in Debian (/me raised his arms when it was to raise). You are welcome to join in on that team later (i.e. after a -5 upload with the maintainer change documented in /debian/control).

Do you plan to NMU just to unstable? Or do you see a chance that this patch (which is quite a patch, indeed) will make it past the stable release team?

If the patch won't make it into wheezy, we in Debian Edu should discuss further options:

  o Upload GOsa from unstable to d-e archive
  o Ship ldapimport in d-e-config src:package

I have pinged Cajus Pollmeier (the former GOsa maintainer and GOsa upstream) to give me access to his SVN repos where the packaging has taken place so far. So that we get the full history of the packaging process of GOsa.

BTW: Unfortunately (very unfortunately) gbp does not (yet) support multi-origtarball packages.



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