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Bug#711251: [debian-edu-commits] r80189 - in branches/wheezy/debian-edu-config/debian: . po

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat is clean, but templates.dat and
> templates.dat-old contain both: first-user-password and root pw (as
> KDC and LDAP pw.

I suspect this is caused by our use of debconf-set-selection to pass
passwords from d-i to scripts executed by cfengine.  In
debconf-set-selection, there is code like this:

        my $template=Debconf::Template->get($label);
        if (! $template) {
                $template=Debconf::Template->new($label, $owner, $type);
                $template->description("Dummy template");
                $template->extended_description("This is a fake template used to pre-seed the debconf database. If you are seeing this, something is probably wrong.");
        else {

When using it to set passwords, the default value in templates.dat is
updated if the template already exist in the debconf database, in
addition to the value in passwords.dat.  When the value is removed
again at the end of the installation, only the value (and not the
default) is changed.

I'm testing a fix now in our own version of debconf-set-selection
called debconf-set-selection-edu.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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