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Adding pianobooster to music task (Was: Your last blog post on planet)

[Thomas Goirand]
> Hi,


> Just saw your screenshot collection. It's very nice, thanks for
> working on debian-edu.

Thank you.  I hope you have tested the Wheezy version to see if it
something you can recommend to your local schools. :)

> Though, to me, one very good software in the "art" category is missing:
> pianobooster. That's a really great tool to learn the piano. I would
> suggest that you have a look at:
> http://pianobooster.sourceforge.net/
> (especially the youtube video that demonstrates it)
> If you don't have pianobooster in debian-edu yet, then IMO it should
> be added urgently! :)

Looks nice.  I've added it to the music task in wheezy and added the
use::learning and field::arts to the debtags collection.

Cc to debian-edu@, in case someone there object to this change.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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