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Re: Debian Edu translation status for the installation

2013/4/27 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:
> Hi.  Any willing translators around?

Hi. I'm newbie on Debian-Edu. :-)

I'm use Debian, help in translation pt-br and member Debian-BR. I want
contribue here also.

> This is the translation status for debian-edu-install for Wheezy, which
> primarly affect the profile question:
>   pt_BR.po:10 translated messages, 13 fuzzy translations, 14 untranslated messages.
> And this is the status for debian-edu-install, which is primarly about
> the start web page shown to first time users.
> www translations
>   pt_BR.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.

How I can contribute on translation on Debian-Edu ?


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