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Re: Install bug/message


On Freitag, 26. April 2013, Giorgio Pioda wrote:
> error: ./doc: Release manual
> have 17 FIXMESs. Please fix at
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/ Wheezy 

I'm not sure it's useful to display this at all. The manual will always need 
work, so.

And then, should we want to keep it, maybe it would be better to refer to 
/usr/share/doc/debian-edu/README (and explain the FIXMEs there) than to that 
URL, which does not explain the FIXMEs at all.

grep FIXME $(dpkg -L debian-edu-doc*)

could also do the trick.

But really, I'm mostly concerned whether to display those kind of problems 
there _at_ _all_, eg. we also don't ask for donations there, even though lack 
of money is a problem.


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