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Re: Two questions about cfengine3 and gnome

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,
> for the migration to eduified Debian (we have full wheezy now at school)...
> 1) Is it possible to run Debian Edu with plain Gnome shell taste?
> (Users are hard to re-educate). If yes, how?

If "Gnome shell taste" is Gnome, you should be able to install the
Gnome variant using DESKTOP=gnome as a install boot option.  No idea
if it work, as it is not as tested as the KDE option so far.

> 2) Is it possible to install and run cfengine3 without conflicting
> with the cfengine2 used by the edu installer. I mean running it
> full, with promise.cf

I believe so.  You only need to make sure they use different config
files. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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