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rebuild passwirds


i've still use one old lenny based debian-edu server. I want to make a clean installation of a squeeze based tjener, than i want to restore the homefolders and add all users. Therefor i need all passwords from ldap. If i create new passwords, i use the same scheme, one english word (from a file with nearly 1000 words) + 2 digits. So there are passwords like 'hello31' or 'thank87'. Most user (99%) never changed there password.

I''ve a perl-script which generates a array with all usernames assign to there ssha crypted password, like 'john' => '{SSHA}U2GnXIHejG0QfGCLeeG748tZj7k4M2Nk'. I also can generate words a descriped above. Now i'm looking for an algorithm to crypt the clear word a check, if it is equals to the password-hash. Or in other words, i need the same algorithem the openldap server use, when he authenticates a user with his passoword.

Can someone help me?

Thanks, Martin

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