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import with csv, generated uids and passwords

Hi debian-edu-list-listeners!

after installing a skole6 with GOsa² 2.6.11, we have to import student entries from a .csv file. (lets say 230 students or more, that is a common usecase)
the following problems occured:

first, the UIDs. We do not want to generate them by oureself (round about makes 323 uid's, plus teachers,...): - there already was a fix for the not given uid, so we patched our system with patch number #1146 (https://oss.gonicus.de/labs/gosa/attachment/ticket/1146/csvimport.patch)

Our dummy.csv had the entries 'sn' and 'givenName' and we expected an output with 'sn', 'givenName', a generated 'password' and 'uid' (ideally also generated by gosa..) What we got: 'sn', 'givenName', 'uid' and 'status' but only in 3 columns! A shifted output without passwords, which actually should be generated.

That leads us to the following question: Is there already a fix? OR, - because we are already working on it and are willing to give you menpower - shall we make another csvimport.patch (with our password-solution) and 'you' release it? Ideally it is inserted into skole6, so we only have to install the skole-servers without patching every single server.

That would be great.

best regards,


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