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Permissions on new user HOMES

Hi all,

we experience quite a few unpleasant / suprised reactions from school admins when they create new user accounts in Debian Edu squeeze.

The issue: the homes have 755 (rwxr-xr-x) as default permissions and thus they are accessible by the rest of the school. The common request is to restrict access to 750 (rwxr-x---).

What can be best practive with D-E to avoid 0755 permissions on new HOMES?

I am also tempted to commit a change to gosa-create (the GOsa² hook that copies the home skeleton), so that the default permissions of homes are overwritten to

  $HOME -> rwxr-x--x
  $HOME/* (plus dot files/folders) -> rwxr-x---
  $HOME/public_html -> rwxr-xr-x

Happy about feedback for both aspects.



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