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Can't start kde on a netbook with gma 3150 and ltsp, acting as a thin client

When I connect any other X86 computer to the thin client subnet I don't have any problem, but with this netbook and gma 3150 kde won't start never!!!, I don't know what to do. I have tried everything, changed lts.conf, xorg.conf for the client... ufffff

At this moment I'm deploying a SKOLELINUX net in Alicante (Spain) at my work (school). I would like to know about thin clients (or fat clients with low energy costs and fanless) cheap and proven to work with SKOLELINUX, please, I can't waste so much time setting up clients as with my awful netbook.

Would the 


a good choice for acting as a thin client??

I don't like things based on arm, or with too low power, as the experience could be terrifying, and I intend to play sometimes youtube or flash.


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