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Thin client login - no home directory (again)

We have reinstalled the "tjener" with a 1TB hard disc, and this time
with Gnome, and also the thin client server with Gnome. Following
Wolfgang's suggestion, the thin client server is a member of the group

When logging in to the thin client server as "teacher", this error
message appears:

"Your home directory is listed as /skole/tjener/home0/teacher but it
does not appear to exist. Do you want to login with the root directory
as your home directory?" (etc.)

The same happens for any other test users. On the thin client server,
there don't appear to be any entries for /home in /etc/fstab.

Can anyone suggest a remedy?

Thanks in advance,

John Ingleby
ICT Teacher
Rudolf Steiner School
Kings Langley, UK

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